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Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy, which opened on September 2002, is a public high school located in Wilmington, CA. It is ranked #3 out of 978 among all LAUSD Core Waiver schools and ranked 1st among all high schools. U.S. News and World Report has classified Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy as one of the best high schools in California and the nation – ranking 23rd in California and 148th in the United States.

1111 Figueroa Place Wilmington, CA 90744

1111 Figueroa Place Wilmington, CA 90744

The Monarch Messenger is in its first year as an online paper produced by the newspaper staff of 2014-2015. The newspaper strives to inform students, faculty, and the community about the events held at Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy and the local neighborhood. If you have any ideas for stories or would like to write a story and have it published on this website contact us at

The Monarch Messenger first print paper was published on September 2002. The online edition first published on 19 February 2015.

A staff of 30 students produces the online edition of the Monarch Messenger.